Asadah served as Center Leader for the peer lending program Project Enterprise for two consecutive terms.  In that role she oversaw loan reviews for fellow entrepreneurs and helped manage their weekly business trainings. Thereafter, she served as New York City's Team Leader for 3 years, in the network marketing organization TAG TEAM Marketing. Here she trained fellow network marketers weekly and maintained some of the highest statistics in that company in the nation. The culmination of skills she garnered from those experiences, as well as the handling of her own enterprises, set the stage for other entrepreneurs to comfortably seek Asadah's services in the building of their own businesses.  



          Asadah Kirkland's expertise in staff and youth development came about from her years serving as an educator, designing her own curricula for the alternative high school systems and after schools of both New York and Chicago.  In that 15 year span, Asadah also served in a variety of administrative roles that led to: 


  • coordinating national and international trips for her students

  • facilitating training for fellow staff members

  • teaching staff ways to improve activities in their curricula to increase student interest

  • developing and instituting programs for youth in preparation for handling future societal responsibilities

  • restructuring program operational components to make instruction and technique more efficient

  • managing bodies of staff members in workshops to foster better communication and interconnectedness 



            Asadah's years as an educator made her no stranger to working with parents. She has conducted family workshops to assist parents in developing more productive activity within their families. She worked as an administrator at Boys and Girls Harbor, as the Co-coordinator of Achieving Leadership's Purpose (ALP), and as a manager at The Baby College, a parenting program of the Harlem Children's Zone. Her expertise in effective family planning has these experices at its core. She creates hands-on activities and dramatic role play with both children and their guardians, as a means of confronting issues that need improvement in their family settings.  


            Asadah is the author of a new book entitled, Beating Black Kids: So What Have You Been Beat With, which demonstrates how not hitting our children to discipline them works better.  The book has been used as a guide for human services organizations, parenting groups and schools to generate greater solutions for getting adults to improve their performance as parents, guardians and role models.





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